Web Services


Squarehost offer a complete range of software development services, catering for all project sizes and budgets, but specialising in bespoke applications with web and mobile interfaces. We design and build from the ground up, crafting our projects to meet your exact requirements and fit with your existing processes. We deliver on-time and within budget.

With decades of experience across multiple industries and technologies, and with many successful projects delivered, we are confident we can help you with any software-related requirement, be it a brand-new system, or an integration and modification to your existing platforms.

If you are confused as to what bespoke development offers, please read our brief and balanced overview of its pros and cons when compared to off-the-shelf installations.

We offer a complete end-to-end service; not only providing high-quality design and implementation services, but also hosting, deployment, support, and maintenance for years to come. Dedicated to finding the most cost-effective and innovative solutions to our customers’ needs, our expertise in using credible, open-source technology means we can turn bold ideas into reality at a competitive price.

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Hosting and Deployment

Squarehost specialise in a wide variety of web hosting and deployment services, ranging from our cost-effective shared hosting platform for small to medium businesses and websites, through to a bespoke cloud architecture design service for the biggest, most scalable sites.

We have servers located throughout the world, so if you are a UK company you can be sure that we will deploy to a UK server, and not a machine located outside of the EU. This is important for adherence to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and brings many benefits for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to your websites.

Whether you are just looking for a simple hosting package for your website, a dedicated server for all your sites and applications, or a cloud architecture that extends across many services and global locations, we have you covered.

If you are unsure of what service would be most suitable for you, or simply require some more information, then please contact us for an informal no-obligation chat.

Domain Registration

Squarehost are proud to be a Nominet accredited channel partner and offer some of the best prices for domain registrations in the World, with simple and reliable domain name management.

We pride ourselves on our honest and upfront service; with our domain name management, the customer always retains ownership of their domain names. And unlike other less-reputable registrars, we do not charge for changing the IPSTAG or releasing the authorisation codes for domain names, so there are never any underhand and unexpected charges.

If you are looking for honest, simple, and reliable domain registration/management services with no hidden or unexpected costs, contact us for a no-obligation estimate.


Squarehost provide modern, feature-rich personal and business E-Mail services, powered by our own customised software, and operated from our own private servers, located within the UK. We do not utilise external mail providers, such as Office 365, Google Mail, or Yahoo, so your private and important correspondence never leaves our secure servers until it is sent.

We understand the importance of privacy and Data Protection. With the new EU-wide General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) coming into full force, we ensure that our users know exactly where their E-Mail is stored, how it is processed, and ensure they maintain full control over their data.

We offer E-Mail services both as part of our hosting package, or as a separate service depending on your requirements.

Uniquely, our pricing is driven by the overall volume of e-mail you send and receive, not on the number of E-Mail addresses and domains you operate. This means we can offer a truly cost-effective service where other providers, who charge per-domain or address, cannot. Contact us for more information, or a no-obligation quote.


Bespoke Apps

It is now generally accepted that most people have access to a smartphone, and use apps to access a whole range of internet-based services through their handset. In an ever increasing number of cases, users prefer the feature-rich and high performance experience of a native mobile application to accessing the same service through their web browser.

Squarehost are uniquely placed in the world of mobile app development. Not only do we have great experience in developing native applications for both iPhone/iPad and Android platforms, but we are also able to integrate these applications with traditional web and server based systems, offering a truly end-to-end service.

If you are looking to build a project from scratch, or add a new, shiny mobile app to your existing project, contact Squarehost for a no-obligation discussion or estimate.


Broadband & Telecoms

Squarehost are familiar with the pitfalls of living in rural communities and the need for fast Internet access. We’ve personally experienced issues in the past with intermittent services because of poor weather and other factors. That’s why we have been keen to be able to offer our customers the best services for their premises.

As a result we’re proud to be a Virgin Media Business partner as well as offering TalkTalk Business and BT Broadband - whichever is most suitable for the installation address. We work with Openreach to arrange new telephone line installations, upgrades and “lift and shifts”, without our clients having the headache of liasing with subcontractors and managing logistics. If you have any concerns with your online connectivity, or if you simply want to know if there is a better value service available, contact us today. We will give you independent advice as to the services we would recommend for your location and your needs.

Squarehost are Nominet Accredited Channel Partners.